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Catering to your requirements, handling your needs with care

Our store is more than just another average online retailer. We sell not only local (zero-km) agro-food products, but also give our customers a positive online shopping experience.
Forget about struggling to do everything at once: taking care of the family, running your business, walking your dog, cleaning the house, doing the shopping, etc. Purchase the goods in a few clicks or taps, depending on the device you use. We work to make your life more enjoyable.

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For convenience of choice

We think about the convenience of your choice. Our products are supplied with star rating that should help hesitant buyers to take a decision. What’s more, you can search our site if you know exactly what you are looking for or use a bunch of different filters that will considerably save your time and efforts.


Camarg gives the opportunity to buy directly from our producers, and to receive the products in the requested place within the requested time window.
Our logistic system assures an efficient delivery, combined with an easy and effective tracking of the delivered products, which allows the customer to know their origin and source. In fact, the purchased products are picked directly at the production sites and quickly delivered to the consumer using refrigerated vans to preserve the freshness; this is a further distinctive feature of our system, which fully meets the short supply-chain principles.
In order to continuously improve our product offer, and the service as a whole, we welcome and encourage customer feedback on every purchased product and product delivery.

The highest quality of products

We guarantee the highest quality of the products we sell. We carefully select our farmers, who provide the best products in terms of quality and freshness. The products we offer range from seasonal to typical agro-food specialties farmed and produced in Modena.
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