Where can I get the service?

The service operates only in zones of the Modena and Bologna provinces, so as to make the supply chain as short as possible. To see the list of served municipalities please click here.

Who are the target clients of the service?

In this starting phase the service is only provided to employees willing to receive the bought products at their own work places as well as to tourists asking for delivery at their own hotels.

I’m a farmer/producer and I’d like to join the service, what shall I do?

The registration process is quite simple. Go to the registration page (reachable from this link) and enter the required data. A service operator will contact you to arrange a meeting with the purpose to evaluate how you meet the devised Camarg specific conditions. In case of success you’ll be enabled to offer your products.

How much does product delivery cost?

The delivery service is free of charge for all purchases greater than or equal to 40 Euro, while it costs 6 Euro for purchases lower than 40 Euro.

Is there a purchase lower bound value?

There is no lower bound for purchase value.

How can I contact you?

For any information you can submit a request by means of the contact form available in this page, or by sending an email to the info@camarg.it address.

Which is the difference between invoicing address and delivery address?

The delivery address is used to know where (work place, hotel) the purchased food shall be actually delivered, the invoicing address is used to issue the purchase invoice.


How can I recover my access password?

You’ve just to click on the link “Forgot password?” in the login page: you’re requested to provide again your email address, to which an email is sent including instructions and link to the page for entering a new password.

How can I change my access password?

Once accessed the application you can change the password by moving to the section “My account” and then selecting the link “Change account password”.

How can I update my personal, delivery and invoicing information?

Once accessed the application you can change your personal, delivery and invoicing information in the section “My account”.

How can I cancel my registration?

You can cancel your registration by accessing the section “My account” and then selecting the link “Cancel account”. Once entered your password the account is removed.

How can I see the history of my orders?

Once accessed the application you can see the history of your orders by accessing the section “My account” and then selecting the option “My orders”.


What payment channels are available?

The only payment channel presently available is PayPal

I’m not succeeding with the payment , what can I do?

Please perform the following actions:
1. Verify the card you’re using is accepted by the payment system.
2. Verify that all the entered parameters are correct and the card has a sufficient credit.
3. If the previous controls have been successful, then contact our customer support by means of the contact form or by sending an email to the address info@camarg.it .


In which days and times it is foreseen to deliver?

Deliveries are carried out Monday to Friday between 9 am and 7 pm.

May I choose any delivery day and time?

Yes, in the days and times foreseen for delivery. In those days and times you can choose a delivery time window lasting at least one hour stating form the day after the ordering date (or starting from Monday if ordering on Friday or during the weekend.

How can I know the exact delivery time (hour, minute) within the selected time window?

The delivery operation will be confirmed by an automatic SMS, but it is not possible to know the exact delivery time. In any case products will certainly be delivered within the user-selected time window.

What does it happen if I’m not there to receive the products?

In case the client is not in the defined place at the defined time to receive the delivered products, these will be taken back to the warehouse and the client shall go there to collect them.

What does it happen in the carrier misses the chosen time window?

There was likely a serious problem, e.g. a road accident. The client will be informed timely by an SMS and put in the condition to change the order delivery date or to revoke it; in the latter case the client will be refunded with an equal-value credit for future purchases.

May I change the delivery time window after confirming an order?

You can modify the delivery time window if and only if the carrier has not picked yet your products at the producers. Otherwise it is as if you were not there to receive the delivery.

May I cancel an order?

You can cancel an order, and the relative delivery devised for a specified time window, if and only if the carrier has not picked yet your products at the producers


When and how can I reject the delivered products?

You can reject the delivered products only at the delivery action and only in case the package is damaged. The value of the rejected products will be refunded as a credit for future purchases

Which is the refunding policy?

Any reimbursement takes the form of a recognized credit made available for future purchases.


What is the Newsletter for?

The Newsletter keep you informed on the last special offers and new entries of the Camarg service.

How can subscribe to the Newsletter?

You can register at your first registration time or later by accessing the section with your personal information.

I wish to unsubscribe to the Newsletter, what shall I do?

It is sufficient that you access the section with your personal information and cancel the subscription.

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